• Big Mouth Bubbler® - 6.5 Gallon Plastic Fermentor

Big Mouth Bubbler® - 6.5 Gallon Plastic Fermentor

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    Superior to a carboy, Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic prevents off-flavors by enabling you to keep the lid on during testing and transfer, avoiding exposure to oxygen with standard-sized ports that can accommodate most fermentation-monitoring equipment.

    Designed for flexible fermentations, lid plates are interchangeable and the lid ring is universally compatible with all fermentor capacities and lid-plate configurations. The modular lid is optimal for the cleanest clean, easily taken apart so you can get down into every last nook and cranny. Say goodbye to your carboys for good!

    Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic is a virtually indestructible fermentor, equipped with 3” thick anti-flex ribs, a punted bottom and decreased base diameter for extreme strength and durability. Its smaller footprint preserves precious brew cave space and allows for convenient storage inside a standard brewing bucket.

    The punted bottom promotes crystal-clear beer by efficiently settling out yeast from finished fermentations. Graduation marks make volume measurement instant and effortless. And, of course, its revolutionary wide mouth eliminates the nightmare of cleaning and sanitizing by giving you direct hands-on access to attack crusted krausen, while simultaneously offering unlimited flexibility in dry-hopping and flavor additions.

    *The new Big Mouth Universal Lid (included) fits all Big Mouth Bubbler® Fermentors, and has ribbed silicone rings ensure a completely air-tight seal.

    The optional Dual Port Lid allows for the use of a temperature controller probe. The ThermoStar Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller with optional 12" stainless probe ensures precise and repeatable fermentation temperatures!

    Lid ports work with our Small Universal Stopper or a standard 6.5 rubber stopper.

    Note: We recommend a soft cloth for cleaning the inside. Standard carboy brushes will scratch plastic fermenters leaving places for grime to hide. A warm cleaning solution will suffice. Do not use hot water on plastic fermenters of any sort. The Big Mouth Bubbler® is compatible with a standard carboy dryer when the dryer is used inverted.

    *Pro Tip: Save your box and use it as a cover for your fermenter!

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