• Big Mouth Bubbler® Harness - 6.5 Gallon EVO 2

Big Mouth Bubbler® Harness - 6.5 Gallon EVO 2

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    Developed specifically to hug every curve of the Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 - 6.5 Gallon fermentor, this durable masterpiece is as ergonomic as it is essential. Through countless iterations, tireless testing, tweaking, and finally foolproofing, we developed a harness robust enough in concept and construction to complement the Big Mouth Bubbler® 6.5 Gallon EVO 2 - not a carrier, this is a Harness.

    Designed to be dynamic. The Big Mouth Bubbler® Harness can be grabbed anywhere on its adaptable frame without worry of slippage, making every stage of the winemaking process easier on you and your fermenter. Whether lifting, transporting, pouring, sanitizing, storing or just sitting, the Harness holds tight to its Big Mouth passenger- keeping you, your wine, and your Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 safe, however you prefer to handle it.

    Engineered to last. Constructed from the same material as harnesses that are used to summit the world's tallest mountains, the Big Mouth Bubbler® Harness is hardy enough for even the most extreme winemaking conditions.

    Fermenter handling, foolproofed. Tirelessly tested to ensure usability, the harness construction includes color-coded areas so you know exactly how to strap in and secure your Big Mouth Bubbler. No confusion, no worries.

    The Big Mouth Bubbler® Harness was designed in tandem with the Big Mouth Bubbler® - 6.5 Gallon EVO 2, a product of the same innovation and passion for making winemaking easier. And by making it locally, our engineers were given the flexibility to customize, test and tweak every detail of the Harness' construction along the way. This journey has resulted in the toughest winemaking handler on the planet, equipped with enough strength and durability for climbing mountains with this harness, though we recommend using it for your Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2, since that's exactly what it was designed for (and fermentation temperatures aren't exactly ideal atop Everest).

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