Readers Write: Is My Starting Gravity Low?

The Master Vintner Blog loves nothing more than good questions. If you've got one, send it to tim.vandergrift@northernbrewer.comToday's question:  Tim: Always read your articles, which I enjoy, in Winemaker Magazine but now have a question that I never remember seeing answered. I received a kit as a gift which instructs you to start fermentation at a specific gravity [...]

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You Got a Wine Kit!

That's thinking outside the boxCongratulations! Winemaking kits are a popular gift--and rightly so: not only is winemaking fun, easy, and rewarding, it also opens up the whole world of wine to you: making, cellaring, tasting, pairing with food and sharing with friends. Wine is a delightful addition to your life and can make any gathering an occasion, any meal [...]

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Decanting Can-Do

My sideboard with decanters Say 'decanter' and every wine drinker will know what you mean. They either visualise the never-used cut-crystal wedding gift on Mom's china hutch (incidentally useless for decanting) or a stuffy British TV program where the characters pass around a glass-stoppered vessel of port while harrumphing to each other about the imminent collapse [...]

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Wine Makers Glossary

New Kit Wine GlossaryA glossary is an alphabetical list of the specialized terms used in a field of knowledge. Kit winemaking is pretty specialized. No matter how widespread it seems to get there’s always a bunch of people in any group who are stunned to find out you can make your own wine so easily. Some of this stuff [...]

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​Degassing Your Wine

Before you can bottle your wine it needs to be clear, stable and free of dissolved gases. Clear and stable are usually easily handled — the fining agents in your kit will clear it perfectly, and the sulphite and sorbate will prevent it from changing in color, aroma and flavor over time. Gas can sometimes [...]

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Bottling FAQ Ask the Master Vintner

Q: It’s Day 28 and I’m not able to bottle. What should I do? A: Allow the wine to sit for up to an additional 3-5 days, and bottle as soon as you can. The wine might oxidise or spoil if you leave it longer than an extra 3-5 days, so plan accordingly. Q: How long will take to complete Stage [...]

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Tim Vandergrift - Review of Master Vintner Small Batch Wine

The day I was waiting for finally came: my shiny new Master Vintner Small Batch winemaking supplies arrived! How happy am I? I’m ecstatic! How proud am I of the Master Vintner project? So proud that I put my name right on the box! Designing a new wine kit might seem easy at first blush. After all [...]

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