• FermagraF°™ Adhesive LCD Thermometer

FermagraF°™ Adhesive LCD Thermometer

SKU: 41990

    Keep your fermentation on track with the FermagraF°™ — designed to adhere ​to​ your Big Mouth Bubbler® fermentor or other​ fermentation vessel. This thermometer uses liquid crystals to indicate temperature within ±2°F ranging from 46°F to 84°F. The new circular design is meant to keep the information you need in one compact space so that you can quickly read your fermentation temperature at a glance. 

    In addition, the FermagraF°™ has clearly marked fermentation temperature ranges for Lagers, Ales, and Belgian Ales, and your Red and White wines so that you can always ensure that your yeast is kept nice and comfy.

    Dimensions: 3" x 3"

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