• FermoTemp™ Electric Fermentation Heater

FermoTemp™ Electric Fermentation Heater

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    Take control of your fermentation with the FermoTemp™ electric heater. To consistently create your favorite beer or wine you’ll need precise control of your fermentation temperature.  Attach the FermoTemp™to a fermenter to raise the temperature of fermenting beer or wine.

    The FermoTemp™attaches to glass, plastic, or stainless steel fermentors using electrical tape. Extra thick construction ensures durability to withstand the knocks and bumps encountered in your brewhouse.  For precise temperature control and optimal results, use the FermoTemp™ with an electronic temperature controller, such as the ThermoStar® Dual Mode Digital Temperature Controller.

    It plugs into a standard North American electrical outlet. 110 volts. 35 watts.

    • CAUTION!

    • Do not immerse in liquid!

    • Do not insulate both sides!

    • Do not use if the heater shows signs of abrasion!

    • Do not set fermenter directly on top of heater!

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