• Fresh Harvest® Fresh Batches Bundle

Fresh Harvest® Fresh Batches Bundle

SKU: 8214

    Try something new this harvest! Take a break from kit winemaking and use the fresh fruit straight from your garden or the farmer’s market to make one-of-a-kind blends exploding with seasonal flavor! Use your existing Master Vintner® Starter Kit with these additives that will balance rich, ripe fruits into deep, complex wine. This kit includes everything you need to make three 6-gallon batches of fruit wine.

    Kit Includes

    • Winemaker Recipe Handbook
    • Montrachet Dry Yeast (x3)
    • Stopper, Airlock & Straining Bag
    • Pectic Enzyme, Acid Blend, Wine Tannin, Yeast Nutrient and Stabilizer
    • Campden Tablets

    Note: This add-on kit is NOT intended to be used without a 6 gallon winemaking kit. Other items needed to make 6 gallons of wine: 6 gallon wine equipment kit, fruit, corks, and bottles. An additional 5 gallon carboy is recommended, but not necessary. 

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