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Herculometer™ Advanced Gravity Testing Kit

SKU: 42198

    Power. Precision. Perfection...all rolled up in The Brewery Essentials Herculometer™ Advanced Gravity Test Kit.

    And when it comes to homebrewing and winemaking, tracking your progress down to the very smallest detail can mean the difference between a good batch and a great one.

    The Brewery Essentials Herculometer™ Advanced Gravity Test kit has it all...Power. Precision. Perfection. Each virtually indestructible hydrometer is forged from rugged polycarbonate plastic, so you won’t have to worry about your hydrometers breaking right when you need to take a reading. Plus, we've divided the scale into thirds and increased the range on each hydrometer, so you can get the most precise readings possible. It's easier than ever to gauge the excat specific gravity of your beer, wine, cider, or mead, from a high gravity of 1.130 all the way down to a finishing 0.980.  

    When you need to know...you need to know! 
    Kit Includes:

    -Herculometer Precision Scale - 0.980 -1.020

    -Herculometer Precision Scale - 1.000 -1.070

    -Herculometer Precision Scale - 1.060 -1.130

    -Hydrometer Holder

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