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Herculometer™ Precision Hydrometer 0.980 - 1.020

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    Strength. Precision. Purpose.

    At last, a hydrometer that can withstand the toughest brew days and provide hyper-accurate readings for your brews! We’ve combined rugged polycarbonate plastic and the accuracy of a precision hydrometer to bring you the Herculometer™ - Precision hydrometer.

    The 0.980 to 1.020 is a great range  for ensuring the completion of your  fermentation for beer, cider, mead, and wine before your bottle or keg.  The precision scale gives your the most accurate final gravity reading possible; far more exact than a standard triple scale hydrometer.

    Calibrated at 60 degrees Fahrenheit

    Range : 0.980 to 1.020

    Resolution:  0.001

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