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  • Mark's Keg Washer

Mark's Carboy Washer

SKU: 40808

    This carboy washer will make clean-up a breeze. The base is designed to accommodate common winemaking equipment while a submersible pump sprays cleaning solution down the sides of the vessel.

    • Designed by winemakers for winemakers.
    • Sanitizes or cleans carboys, buckets, and other winemaking equipment - greatly reduces time spent scrubbing at fermentation residue.
    • Hose barb attachments allow you to continuously circulate cleaning solution through tubing.
    • Shallow basin accommodates small parts like airlocks and stoppers.
    • Highly efficient reuse of cleaning solution means you can use just a fraction of the solution you would use for soaking fermentors, which saves money on cleaners and reduces water use.

    This product should be used with a GFCI outlet or adapter for safety.

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