• Master Vintner™ 16oz Canteen

Master Vintner™ 16oz Canteen

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    Camus said that it was in the depth of winter where he learned that an invincible summer lay within him. We have a solution, because no summer is invincible when the Master Vintner™Canteen is around! 

    Crafted from stainless steel, with a matte black finish that’s as stylish as a French existentialist, this triple insulated 16 ounce container is massively over-designed to keep your beverages insulated from temperature change long after other containers have given up (or flat-out melted!)

    The insulation is so good that even when it’s filled with ice, the outside never sweats or even gets cold to the touch, and it will keep your drink cold for 25 hours. In fact, if you fill it with water and ice and leave it inside your car on a hot day, almost none of your ice will melt, even hours later! 

    And it’s not a one-trick pony: hot beverages will stay hot for a full 12 hours. When the depth of winter returns you can have piping hot cocoa (or mulled wine!) at the skating rink or the ice fishing hut. The no-slip bottom and the no-leak top ensure that your delicious beverage gets where it’s going—into your glass! 

    It’s the Official Beverage Carrier of  Master Vintner™—use yours with pride!

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