• Master Vintner™ Cannonball® Wine Mini Keg

Master Vintner™ Cannonball® Wine Mini Keg

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    Winemaking is fun, from stirring, pitching, clearing, aging and tasting, you get to craft your very own vintage. Bottling can be fun, but mostly it’s washing, sanitizing and filling—not the most romantic part of the process! 

    Master Vintner’s Cannonball® Kegging System takes you straight from finished wine to ready-to-serve, without bottles, corks or a corking machine. 

    Best of all, the Cannonball® Keg is compact: it will fit on a standard refrigerator shelf to keep your white wine chilled to perfection, or tuck neatly into your pantry where your red is ready to serve to friends and family, any time. 

    Kit includes:

    Required but not included: mini gas regulator, wine snap tap, nitrogen cartridge, and gas ball lock disconnect. To see our all-inclusive Master Vintner™ Cannonball® Wine Keg System, click here.


    • Base Diameter (diameter of body): 9"
    • Height of Body (not including handles): 9.375"
    • Height with Handles: 10.75"
    • Base Inset/Top of handle diameter: 8.5"

    Cannonball® kegs are easily stackable once ball lock disconnects have been attached.

    Read more about Wine Kegging in Tim's blog post, The End Of The Bottle: Kegging For Winemakers

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