• Invinity Wine on Tap
  • Included 3L bags
  • Invinity Wine on Tap

Master Vintner™ Invinity Wine on Tap™ w/ 7 bags

SKU: 42029

    We’re bringing box wine back.

    In the best way possible. And here’s why. With Invinity Wine on Tap™ by Master Vintner™, you can enjoy a little or a lot of your favorite wine whenever you want. No corks or corkscrews, bottles or cases…just wine, exactly the amount you want, with no waste, fuss or worrying about spoilage.

    Invinity Wine on Tap™ is beautifully engineered to deliver wine where you need it, as you need it. Our sleek, elegant tower holds 3 liters of wine in an airtight bag that stays fresh for 6 weeks after the first glass. And it brings classic style and functionality everywhere it goes – on the counter, chilling in your refrigerator, by the pool, at a campsite, on the dock or even on a picnic blanket.

    Invinity Wine on Tap™ is ingeniously easy to use, and even easier to share. That’s why we’re bringing box wine back. So cheers to wine…whenever and wherever you want!

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