• Master Vintner™ Winemaker's Reserve™ Carménère (6G)

Master Vintner™ Winemaker's Reserve™ Carménère

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    The original Bordeaux grape, popular long before Merlot or Cabernet, Carménère combines characteristics of both, with rich, fleshy notes of black cherry and dark fruits of Merlot and the cedar/black currant and the expressive tannins of Cabernet. Look for a deep scarlet wine with black cherry and berry running to chocolate, spice, smoky notes and hints of violets and roses.

    The juicy fruit makes it tempting to drink young, but ageing will bring out more structure and elegance. Serve with grilled flank or skirt steak, roast lamb, grilled Portobello mushrooms, or for an amazing flavor sensation, with 70% dark cacao chocolate!

    Yield: 6 Gallons


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