• Nomacorc 9x1.5 Synthetic Corks

Nomacorc 9x1.5 Synthetic Corks

SKU: 7721

    Highly elastic, polymer-based synthetic #9 by 1.5 wine corks manufactured by a patented extrusion process, resulting in a small, uniform, closed-cell structure that acts as a superior long-term barrier to oxidation and leakage and will never mold or taint. Nomacorcs will not impart off-flavors to wine, and will not break or disintegrate. Normacorcs insert and remove smoothly and allow for upright or horizontal storage of bottles immediately after corking. Any type of corkscrew can be used to pull a Nomacorc, but we recommend a corker with an iris mechanism for best results when inserting Nomacorcs in bottles.

    "If you choose a top-quality synthetic cork, like the Nomacorc they'll always be ready to go, never dry out, get mushy, chip, rot, split or leak. If you want my recommendation, I can have any cork in the world, and I use Nomacorcs in my wine." - Tim Vandergrift

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