• Amarosso w/Skins from Master Vintner

Sommelier Select™ - Rosso Ardente w/Skins from Master Vintner™

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    Italy's original 'blockbuster', these grapes are concentrated in the sun, increasing not only the sugars but also the amount of fruit and tannin from the skins.

    The aroma is rich, voluptuous, heavy and redolent of black fruit. Tart cherry and a gripping finish flirts with aromas of almond and toasty spice: this wine repays aging like few others can.

    Sommelier Select™ Rosso Ardente includes grapeskins in the kit. Grapeskins are an excellent addition to wine kits. Not only do they enhance body, mouth-feel and tannin, they also boost color, flavor and aroma. This is because all of the raw ingredients for these things are found in the skin of a red grape. All of our red juices are macerated in our wineries to get the most out of their skins, but adding an extra dose of skin material turns up the volume on the wine's character. 


    Yield: 6 Gallons

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