• Super Transfer Pump with Pre-Filter

Super Transfer Pump with Pre-Filter

SKU: 8763

    Make transferring your fine wine easier and faster with the Super Transfer Pump. This self priming, diaphragm pump is compact, portable, and packed with features that make it an essential piece of equipment for the serious winemaker. It has a variable flow rate which is adjustable from 1 to 3 gallons per minute which means you can drain a 5 gallon carboy in less than 2 minutes! It also means all of your fermentation equipment can remain at the same level - no more lifting of heavy carboys, or disturbing the lees.

    • On/off switch with automatic shutoff at 45 psi
    • Adjustable flow rate, from 1-3 gallons per minute
    • Diaphragm style pump head is gentle on wine
    • Self Priming and can run dry for short periods
    • Compact and portable
    • Mountable shock-absorbing feet make it easy to install anywhere
    • Includes pre-filter, hoses, clamps, fittings, and spanner wrench
    • 110 Volt, 0.5 Amps.
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