• Techniques in Home Winemaking

Techniques in Home Winemaking

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    Newly-revised and expanded, this book has gotten much thicker since the last edition. It may be time to pass the older version onto a friend and pick up this expanded copy. An easy-to-use, clearly-illustrated book that caters to novices and advanced winemakers alike. It allows home winemakers to make informed decisions on how to make the best wines from concentrates, juices, or grapes using equipment according to their needs and means.

    The chapters are laid out in a logical sequence, from crushing to bottling, in the same order as the handy flowcharts that are provided in the early pages of the book. Expanded sections describe the instruments and procedures for monitoring and controlling acid, pH and sulfite levels, introduces new recently-available winemaking equipment, provides step-by-step instructions for making world-class sparkling wines, discusses winemaking problems, and includes numerous pictures and diagrams.

    509 Pages.

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