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The Catalyst Fermentation System

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    catalyst-vertical-images-product-details.jpgIf you could eliminate one chronic homebrewing time-suck, what would it be? How about the Transfer Trap…You know, where you endlessly shift your homebrewed beer from fermenter, to secondary to bottling bucket, to bottles, risking contamination and messy spills at every step.

    The great news is, you can. There’s a better, simpler way: The Catalyst – an ingeniously designed fermentation system from Craft-A-Brew that separates sediment, eliminates transfers and allows you to bottle straight from your fermenter.  Available now, exclusively from Northern Brewer.  

    As if that time-and-space-saving solution weren’t enough, here are the three things that put The Catalyst over the top as absolutely best-in-class:

    The Materials: The Catalyst’s tank is made from Tritan®, a food-safe, BPA-free polymer that combines the clarity of glass with the strength and durability of plastic. You can even put it and the removable silicone gasket in your dishwasher for easy cleanup.

    The Design: The Catalyst is engineered to optimize ever cubic inch of space, resulting in an incredibly sturdy stand with I-beam and honeycomb construction, squat 6.5 Gallon tank and 3” Trub Trap™ Butterfly Valve – the largest in the industry. The result is an efficient, practically indestructible system that fits easily under a table or on a countertop.

    The Details: No specialized equipment required. The Trub Trap™ on The Catalyst is designed to work with any large-mouthed mason jar, which makes catching and storing viable yeasts or separating sediment super simple.

    With The Catalyst Fermentation System, it’s easier than ever to make great beer at home…and look good, AND save time, AND…what are you waiting for? Shake off the Transfer Shuffle and learn some better brewing moves today.

    The Catalyst Fermentation System Includes:

    • 6.5 Gallon Tank with Lid
    • Stand (Base, 2 Legs, 2 Support Beams, 8 Screws)
    • 3” Proprietary Butterfly Valve
    • Bottling Attachment
    • Transfer Tubing
    • Tubing Clamp
    • Rubber Stopper
    • 16 Oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar
    • Allen Wrench


    • The Stand: Height: 14.75"  Width: 17" Depth: 13.75"
    • Unit Size: Total Height (does not include airlock): 26.25"  Total Width: 17"


    Add ease and maximum functionality to the Catalyst by adding the Tank Cover and Harness

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