• ThermoStar 12" Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor

ThermoStar™ 12" Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor

SKU: 41265

    Zero in on the most vital variable to perfecting your wine without the need for a thermowell—this 12" stainless steel temperature probe hangs suspended in your fermenting wine must, signalling the ThermoStar to raise or lower the temperature of your fermentation cave based on the actual temperature of your liquid, not the ambient temperature of the air around it.

    Interchangeable with the standard 2" probe for the ThermoStar™, switching to the longer 12" model is as easy as plug and play. 

    Slide through a drilled bung and into fermenting wort to constantly monitor the actual fermentation temperature, which can vary several degrees from the ambient temperature of your fermentation cave. Once its in the must, set your target temperature on the ThermoStar™ Digital Temperature Controller and leave your yeast to do their job, its as easy as that!

    Designed to work perfectly with the optional Dual Port lid for our Glass and Plastic Big Mouth Bubblers. 

    *Requires a drilled stopper that fits your specific fermenter.

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