• Vanilla Fig Dessert Wine - RJS Cru Specialty

Vanilla Fig Dessert Wine - RJS Cru Specialty

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History is rich with allegory about the power of figs, from 'Each man under his own vine and fig tree' to Buddha achieving enlightenment under a fig tree. Now you can achieve your own Nirvana with this deeply rich and lush wine.

Figs have complex and multi-layered flavors : if you've only ever had dried figs or fig cookies, the difference in this wine will startle you, with notes of honey, dried tropical fruits and vanilla, woven into a spice basket of anise, nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon. Perfectly balanced sweetness makes for a rich (but not sticky!) wine with a long, glorious finish of caramel, honeyed notes and a hint of toasted nuts.

Serve with ripe cheeses like Stilton or Danish Blue, and nuts, or for an amazing treat, shortbread cookies--this wine will become an instant favorite of your friends and family.

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