Watch and Learn

Tim Vandergrift discusses an experiment where he split his kit, let half ferment conventionally and left the other half soaking on the skin for an extra month. Watch this video to see what happens.


My Master Vintner Cannonball Keg System is brilliant! More than just a convenient way to serve wine or take it to parties, picnics and tailgating, it's also a setup that lets you make adjustments to the wine one the fly--sweetness, oak levels, blending, anything you can think of, you can do with the Cannonball.


Our winemaking advisor Tim Vandergrift shows how to make Sangria in your Master Vintner® Cannonball® Wine Keg System.


Tim Vandergrift tastes his aged Master Vintner Merlot and discovers dark cherry, plums, raspberry and a nice juicy richness that's pure Merlot goodness! 


Tim Vandergrift made some of the Master Vintner, Vintner's Reserve kits and aged them a few months in the bottle. He is uncorking them to see how the flavors have matured in just a short time. 


Tim Vandergrift made some of our Master Vintner wine kits and aged them in the bottle for about 5 months. The results? Fabulous. The wines aged nicely and Tim decided to uncork a bottle of each and show everyone how great these wines can be. 



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