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Wine Making Starter Kits

If you are new to winemaking, a starter kit is the most important investment you will make in the course of your winemaking career. Having the right equipment, information, and expertise from Day One means less frustration and better wine!

Whether you're a wine aficionado with a passion for growing your cellar or an enthusiastic DIY-er, crafting wine in your own home is rewarding and impressive. Our starter kits provide everything you need to make award-winning wine with ease, right in your own kitchen.

"The very best advice I can give you for your first kit is to follow the instructions precisely, omitting no detail however slight, and double check your temperatures, gravity readings, and sanitation measures. Once you’ve got your first try in the bottle, then you can experiment if you like."

—Tim Vandergrift, on making your first batch

Master Vinter's wine making kits come with everything you will need to make your first batch right.  Simply choose a wine recipe kit that represents the style of your favoite wine to make at home. 

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