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Bold, Rich Whites

High in alcohol and with any residual sweetness or fruit balanced by bracing acidity or intense oak, wines in this style are often drink-alone blockbusters rather than food pairing beverages. Nothing wrong with drinking a big wine once in a while!

Chardonnay - Chardonnay is the most popular white varietal going. Kit manufacturers source grapes from all over the world and match the prevailing styles of easily identifiable countries. Australian versions are aromatically fruity with wallops of sweet oak, French styles are drier, with more structure and medium notes of dark toasted oak, while specialty varieties may be made without oak at all, to reveal the naked fruit.

Proprietary Whites - With names like Luna Bianca or Bella Bianco, these wines are an interpretation of the excessive 'Big Chardonnay' , with huge oak, high alcohol and dense structure. They can also have some residual sugar, but the oak knocks it into its place, preventing any real sweetness.

Viognier - Some interpretations of this style go for oaking and big flavor, making a wine that's like a blockbuster Chardonnay, but tuned up aromatically with strong stone fruit notes.

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